Besides having great opportunities thrown at them by the modern world, high net-worth individuals must also contend with many of its challenges such as increasing regulatory burdens, rising taxes, and the pressure exerted by external factors. Hence the need to safeguard the existing assets, find experts in assessing new investment opportunities, or embark on succession planning. It’s no use looking at brokerage firms and banks for help, as they’re more preoccupied with sales of financial services and products to maximize their returns.

A team of in-house legal, investment and audit professionals advises the owner of the family fortune on day-to-day issues, or brings in outside experts to help tackle a wide range of challenges, from managing investment portfolios to «passport shopping» to finding the best place to study abroad for his heirs. Far from being a set of off-the-shelf solutions, a family office is all about highly customized services provided with the capital owner’s values and needs in mind.

When faced with such problems, affluent individuals in developed countries tend to turn to family offices. These businesses help wealthy families manage their wealth like a pro, choose a sound investment policy aimed at preserving and growing their capital, and articulate their family vision and strategy for managing the family fortune. In other words, it’s the answer to all of the family’s needs.

About Us

VERBA PRIVATE WEALTH is a traditional multi-family office for managing private wealth. We have gone through all the stages of the transformation from a single-family office into a company that manages the assets of multiple families, including by studying the best international experience in this area. Our mission is to help each family develop and successfully execute its own strategy for preserving wealth for its heirs — and to cut costs.

Our key advantage is unique experience in managing large private assets. The founder of VERBA PRIVATE WEALTH has been personally involved in all stages of the process of creating a family office. His competencies and knowledge have enabled us to build an optimal family office structure, establish contacts with the best experts in family wealth management, and test the effectiveness of the majority of financial instruments and strategies. The wealth of knowledge accumulated by us throughout the operation of the single-family office format can be used to boost your own family fortune.


Rather than thinking ahead 5-10 years, we prepare a roadmap for building the family’s potential for generations to come, focus on wealth preservation, and leverage balanced, low-risk investment strategies. All this allows our partners to prevent the erosion of the family wealth on the horizon of subsequent generations. We will help you preserve and increase the family’s human, intellectual and financial capital.

Our Areas of Expertise

Far from being limited to the selection of tools and development of foolproof strategies, our work goes beyond the purview of traditional financial institutions. We have the expertise to assist you in assessing strategic, investment, and personal risks, as well as in meeting the family members’ educational requirements and planning the careers of future generations.

Rather than providing off-the-shelf solutions, we specialize in one-on-one customer service. We see our job in finding an optimal solution to any problem and offering a wide range of advisory support. We begin our work by studying the family’s goals and needs, and then use these data to formulate a financial plan and an inheritance planning strategy. After that, we develop a family vision, define values, put in place family management structures and, ultimately, ensure family prosperity and control over its assets.

In situations where we lack an in-house specialist in the requisite area, we turn to outside experts from our extensive database of contacts. We work only with professionals without being tied to any particular place in the world, because we are well versed in Western customs and practices and value knowledge, skills, and reputation above all.


Your time is managed by you, not by your capital. You don’t need to keep track of accounting records, taxes, or manage external services, because we coordinate your affairs, select successful ideas, and share experience in their implementation.
Open architecture and transparency
We’re autonomous and free from conflicts of interest. Because we value our reputation and standing, we don’t charge fees to brokers or banks, arranging consultations only with independent experts.
Broad purview
We don’t focus solely on investments or real estate, but deal with any and all issues related to the family’s financial goals, whether it’s tax planning, inheritance transfer, asset structuring, or education.
Low costs
You keep the costs involved in hiring the best experts and solving day-to-day issues low by sharing them with your partners and not wasting your time searching for top professionals.
Effective and efficient
We work with a whole network of professional advisers: lawyers, investment managers, brokers, experts, and consultants. You can evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies by studying the case studies and best practices of our advisors.
Personal relationship
We build long-term relationships and meticulously research the circumstances of our partners. We’re always ready to have a face-to-face discussion of the current state of your finances and thoroughly analyze the report on the status of your investment portfolio.

Our philosophy

We’re looking for partners with similar moral values and objectives to share unique experiences in managing family wealth as well as the costs of getting the best expertise in all areas. A shared vision and a feeling of comfort in discussing any issues are key for us.

We help you manage your wealth independently through advisory support and involvement of outside experts. Because we understand how hard it is to fully trust someone with management of your assets, we don’t offer straightforward complex solutions, informing you about the tools as well as the pitfalls and advantages that come with them. You always remain in control over the situation as well as the decision-making process.

We’re highly considerate, always play by the rules and are very selective in choosing our partners. Our partners not only cut their costs and mitigate risks, but also gain access to leading expertise. If necessary, they know where to discuss issues related to the choice of financial instruments for their investment portfolio or find a manager for a winery.


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